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You might think about upgrading your elevators if you experience frequent malfunctions and inaccessible regions. Call Elevator Professionals Inc. when you’re ready to update. We have more than 20 years of expertise offering professional, cost-effective elevator upgrades.

We only use parts of the highest caliber that are non-proprietary, such as Maxton hydraulic valves, GAL door equipment, Motion Controllers, ERM fixtures, EECO equipment, and various cab designs. You can rely on us to do a thorough job. Inquire about how we may significantly improve the appearance of your elevator with new aesthetic features if you’re not ready for a full upgrade.

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What’s included in our Modernization?

Every upgrade includes a year of upkeep.

Additionally, we provide a number of elevator discounts and will 10% undercut any documented offer.

Call us right away to arrange for an inspection or to set up an appointment.

Elevator Modernization Services: Upgrading Your Elevators for Optimal Performance

At some point, costly repairs are no longer a viable solution for your commercial elevators. If you’re experiencing energy waste, frequent breakdowns, or slower operation, it’s time to consider an elevator modernization plan. As parts become obsolete, a comprehensive upgrade becomes necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your elevators.

Modernization offers a cost-effective alternative to full equipment replacement and provides the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency: Our modernization solutions incorporate efficient technologies and systems, resulting in lower energy bills for your building.

Cost Savings and Convenience: By avoiding downtime for repairs, you save on costs and minimize inconveniences for building occupants.

Enhanced Passenger Experience: Upgraded elevators deliver smoother acceleration and deceleration, reduced noise and vibration, and improved ride quality for passengers.

Improved Safety: Our modernization services include updated features, enhanced communication systems, and compliance with the latest safety codes, ensuring passenger safety.

Increased Property Value: Modernized elevators give your building a more modern and updated appearance, adding value to your property.

Space Optimization: Modern motors, drives, and controllers typically have smaller footprints, allowing for space savings in your building.

With over 10 years of experience, our team of technicians has successfully modernized hundreds of elevators. We take pride in helping our customers enhance passenger safety and add value to their buildings.

Why Choose Elevator Pros?

Extensive Experience: With over 10 years in the industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle any elevator modernization project.

Responsiveness: We understand the importance of timely service. Our team provides quick quotes and ensures your project can start promptly.

Extensive Vendor Network: Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with preferred vendors, enabling us to deliver quality products and services.

References: We invite you to see our successful elevator modernization projects at our customers’ locations, giving you confidence in our capabilities.

Transparency: We provide detailed scope of work, ensuring you are fully aware of the updates and improvements we will make to your elevators.

Custom Recommendations: Our experts leverage their knowledge and experience to suggest the best upgrades tailored to your specific elevator requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our work and won’t consider the project complete or bill you until you are fully satisfied.

Mechanical Upgrades:

Regardless of the make or model of your elevators, we offer significant mechanical upgrades to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. During an initial field survey, our technicians assess the condition of your elevators and recommend whether to retain, modernize, or replace the equipment. If modernization is the best option, we implement the latest technology to improve reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance, and safety for you and your passengers.

Permit & Code Requirements:

Elevator modernization work requires permits and compliance with state regulations. As a licensed company, we take care of the permit process and coordinate state tests on your behalf. We also work with other necessary contractors to ensure the seamless operation of your fire alarm, HVAC, and electrical systems in conjunction with your elevators.

Interior Cab Upgrades:

Many of our elevator modernization projects include interior cab renovations. Whether you prefer cost-efficient pre-manufactured options or customized designs, we can upgrade various aspects of the cab, including ceiling panels, lighting, buttons, wall panels, pads, handrails, bumpers, flooring, and doors.

Elevator Modernization Cost Savings:

Modernizing your elevators offers long-term cost savings by increasing property value, reducing energy consumption, and improving overall safety. Here are some of the significant cost-saving factors:

Solid State Drives and Starters: These energy-efficient components reduce wear and tear on the elevator motor, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced heat generation.

Smart Controllers: Modern digital controllers optimize energy efficiency by continuously monitoring and reassigning calls, reducing electrical usage.

Our 8-Step Elevator Cab Modernization Process:

Site Visit: We conduct a thorough examination of your elevators, discuss your project goals, and establish a timeline.

Proposal: Based on our findings, we provide a detailed scope of work and a proposal outlining our modernization recommendations.

In-Depth Survey: Our team conducts a comprehensive survey of your elevators to gather all necessary information.

Ordering: Once the contract is signed, we order all required parts, tools, and equipment with your final approval. Delivery may take 10 to 12 weeks depending on project complexity.

Internal Staging: We internally stage all equipment in our warehouse, ensuring readiness for installation and eliminating storage concerns at your building.

Installation: Our technicians install the new equipment in your elevators, with hydraulic elevator installations typically taking 3 to 5 weeks, and traction elevator installations lasting 5 weeks or longer.

Testing & Final Inspections: We perform extensive tests, internal reviews, and coordinate official state approval for your upgraded elevators.

Final Walkthrough: Once your elevators pass inspection and receive state approval, they are ready for use. We consider the project complete only when you are fully satisfied.

Partner with Elevator Pro for long-term benefits, including 24/7/365 access to preventative maintenance and repair services. With our extensive inventory and dedicated team, we ensure quick resolution of any issues that may arise. We are committed to being your trusted partner throughout the elevator modernization process.

Schedule your initial consultation now! Our San Diego, CA-based team offers elevator design, installation, repair, maintenance, and consultation services to meet all your modernization needs.


What is elevator modernization?

Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading and improving the safety, performance, and appearance of an existing elevator system.

Why should I consider elevator modernization?

Modernizing your elevator can help to improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance the appearance of your building.

What are some signs that my elevator needs modernization?

Signs that your elevator may need modernization include slow or inconsistent performance, frequent breakdowns, outdated safety features, and poor aesthetics.

What elevator modernization solutions do you offer?

We offer a range of modernization solutions, including upgrades to control systems, door operators, cab interiors, lighting, and safety features.

How long does elevator modernization take?

The length of time required for elevator modernization will depend on the scope of the project, but it typically takes several weeks to several months to complete.

How much does elevator modernization cost?

The cost of elevator modernization will depend on factors such as the age and condition of the elevator, the scope of the project, and the specific modernization solutions being implemented.

Can elevator modernization be done without disrupting building operations?

We work to minimize disruption to building operations during elevator modernization, and we will coordinate with building management to schedule work at times that are least disruptive.

Do you offer maintenance services for modernized elevators?

Yes, we offer maintenance services for modernized elevators to ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently over time.

How often should I consider modernizing my elevator?

The frequency of elevator modernization will depend on factors such as the age and condition of the elevator and the frequency of use, but it is generally recommended to consider modernization every 15-20 years.

Are you licensed and insured for elevator modernization?

Yes, we are licensed and insured for elevator modernization in the areas we serve, and we adhere to all relevant safety and building codes and regulations.

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